All You Need to Know About Customisable Dry Erase Wallpapers

Imagine a world where your walls are no longer passive observers, but active participants in your creativity. Dry erase wallpapers might be just the innovative solution you’ve been searching for.

Dry erase wallpapers, also known as whiteboard wallpapers, are innovative wallcoverings that can be applied directly on any smooth surface to turn it into a writable whiteboard with extensive customisation options.

From office brainstorming sessions and maintaining a weekly grocery list in your home to keeping your students engaged in class, with customisable dry erase wallpapers you have boundless possibilities.

In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about this exciting design trend.

Magnetic whiteboard dry erase wallpaper - dual uses

Why spend on dry erase wallpapers?

Let’s start with the money talk. Why should you spend on dry erase wallcoverings and are they worth the price tag? According to experts, high quality and easy-to-apply dry erase wallpapers are not just a trend. They have become a ready choice in schools, offices, and homes.

If you’re designing a home office, they can be the ultimate wall magic you might be looking for. Here’s why spending on them is a wise decision.

  • Get more from your walls: Writable wallpaper transforms any wall into a functional, high-end whiteboard with a range of added functionalities. They make it simple to get the most out of your space by turning the boring walls into creative collaboration hubs.
  • Customise as you please: Decide the size and shape of your dry erase surface without limitations. The wallpapers are available in different roll sizes to create compact to huge dry erase surfaces as per the individual requirements. There are also glossy and matte finish options to pick from.
  • Multifunctional flexibility: Want more than a dry erase wallcovering? Get a multifunctional option. Your dry erase wallpaper can double as a magnetic board or projector surface. There’s also a Magnetic projector screen whiteboard wallpaper with 3-in-1 functionality.
  • Quick installation: Our writable wallpapers are extremely easy to install. Hang them vertically, or horizontally, or even stick to curved walls with ease. The wallpaper will be ready for use within 24 – 48 hours depending on the variety you pick.
  • Saves space: Unlike bulky chalkboards, whiteboard wallpapers save space. They convert any existing smooth surface into a writable or multi-functional whiteboard that fits seamlessly even with minimalistic decor.
  • No maintenance hassle: High quality writable wallpapers need no upkeep. Just use a good whiteboard eraser or microfibre cloth to wipe it off. Our whiteboard wallpapers provide a no-ghosting writable surface that doesn’t yellow or chip over time.
  • Value for money: Premium quality dry erase board wallpaper kits are quite reasonably priced. Considering the high-end service they offer for years and that too for no extra upkeep, the value of product price is only a drop in the bucket.

Now that you know the benefits of these modern writable wallcoverings, take a look at the best options.

Top 4 dry erase wallcoverings from Smarter Surfaces

Have you been wondering what’s the easiest option to make a whiteboard wall? Dry erase wallpapers i.e. wallcoverings is the answer. But, to get the full range of benefits, investing in our high quality wallcoverings is totally recommended. Check out these innovative wallpapers to decide which one will best fit your needs.

1. Whiteboard wallpaper

Easy to apply and use, this classic dry erase wallpaper is perfect for any smooth surface.

  • Write, erase, and repeat. From brainstorming sessions in your home office to teaching in school, it efficiently replaces traditional whiteboards.
  • It can transform walls, plaster, wood, concrete, and metal surfaces into a functional dry erase board in just 24 hours.

2. Magnetic whiteboard wallpaper

This dual-functional wallpaper combines the writability of dry erase with the organisational power of magnetic boards.

  • Pin notes, photos, reminders, or project timelines directly onto the wall to design a dynamic collaborative space.
  • You can stick up to 4, A4 sheets on it with a single neo magnet.
  • Write on a no-ghosting surface that’s simple to clean and provides a pristine platform to start your work every time.
  • Transforms any wall or smooth surface. Ideal for offices, classrooms, or creative workspaces where visual organisation is key.

Whiteboard wallpaper writable wallcovering in classrooms

3. Magnetic projector screen whiteboard wallpaper

This multi-functional top-of-the-shelf wallcovering combines the functionality of a magnetic dry erase surface with a high-quality projector screen.

  • Turns any wall or smooth surface into a no-ghosting, commercial grade whiteboard with excellent performance.
  • Stick up to 5, A4 sheets with a single new magnet. It has a high magnetic element content.
  • Excellent projection performance with a 1.1 gain value. Enjoy sharp and bright images with all popular projectors.
  • Ideal for project presentations and real-time collaboration. Perfect for interactive learning in educational settings.

4. Whiteboard wallpaper low sheen

A matte finish whiteboard wallpaper that also works as a high-performance projection screen.

  • Write, erase, and project with confidence, reducing the hassle of using multiple surfaces for the tasks.
  • Provides a no-ghosting, high quality whiteboard and a projector screen that reproduces HD image quality.

All these dry erase wallpapers are known for their high-end performance and come with a 10-year-long guarantee. They are easy to maintain, offer great flexibility for customisation, and are environment-friendly.

Not sure how to install dry erase wallpaper on the wall? Follow the step-by-step guide provided with the kit or watch the next installation video.

The installation process starts with adding 10% water (if required) to the heavy-duty adhesive, available as a ready mix. Next, stir it well to ensure a smooth consistency.

You should apply two coats of the adhesive to the wall before applying the wallpaper. Make sure that the wall has been properly primed before. Allow sufficient time for the first coat to become touch dry before applying the second coat.

Easy to install Peel and Stick Solutions

Peel and Stick Solutions are self-adhesive. This means you can peel the adhesive backup and stick it up directly on a furniture or wall. This will turn the surface into a whiteboard in minutes. They transform any wood or glass surface into a functional, no-ghosting whiteboard, instantly.

Self-adhesive whiteboard films are available in two variants — white and clear. These are highly in demand for creating writable furniture for offices and schools.

There’s a low sheen self-adhesive film that can be fixed on the wall. It creates a low-sheen whiteboard that efficiently doubles as a projector screen.

Wrapping it up
Customisable dry erase wallpapers are an effective alternative to traditional whiteboards. They are easy to install and have minimum downtime. Not just that, they can combine up to three functionalities in a single product, saving you space and money.

If you have been looking for high-end modern alternatives to dry erase boards, whiteboard wallcoverings are an excellent choice.

To know more about our range of whiteboard wallcoverings check out product pages. Need assistance to decide on the best pick? Call us for no-obligation assistance.