Projector Screen Alternatives: What Works and Saves You Money

Imagine turning a blank wall into a dynamic projector screen, perfect for movie nights or captivating presentations. For many projector users, traditional screens pose a challenge — bulky to store, expensive to buy.

This blog post dives into projector screen alternatives that are both budget-conscious and innovative, designed to empower any user to create a dazzling display on virtually any flat surface.

High quality image on projector screen painted surface

We’ll also delve into the critical factors of choosing the right projector screen alternative according to user-specific needs.

The right projector screen alternative will enhance viewing experience, offer better space optimization, functionality, and flexibility while being easy on the purse strings.

Choosing the right projector screen alternatives

Alternatives for projector screens offer a spectrum of possibilities, catering to different needs and budgets. Here’s a breakdown of key factors to consider when making the choice:

Image quality

This is crucial for every viewer who prioritises crisp visuals. The ability of the projector screen to recreate bright, high-definition images without pixel drops should be high on the priority list of every buyer. When choosing an alternative projector screen, consider image clarity, contrast, and image reproduction capabilities to shortlist the best options. Our projection screen paints and wallpapers are designed to recreate high-contrast, bright images with maximum clarity.

Viewing angle

This refers to the range of angles at which viewers can see a clear image. A wider viewing angle ensures a better viewing experience from different seating positions. Traditional sheet or fabric screens offer a narrower viewing angle, limiting the ideal seating arrangements. Our projector products offer as high as 140-degree viewing angles for more flexible seating across the room.

Ambient light

The amount of ambient light in the viewing area can significantly impact image quality if the screen isn’t optimised for it. It’s best to choose a projector screen substitute that works efficiently in the particular light conditions of the setup. Most traditional screens fail to fully negate the impact of ambient light, leading to image washout in brighter environments. Ambient Light Rejecting Projector Screen Paint, on the other hand, discards ambient light and produces crisp images even in brighter rooms.


Projector screen alternatives like paints and wallpapers come in various finishes and styles so that the user can design a setup that seamlessly integrates with the existing décor. Clear Projector Screen Paint transforms any painted surface into a high-end projector screen without changing the base colour, ensuring maximum flexibility.


It’s important to take into account how easy it will be to maintain the chosen alternative. Spending considerable time and money on maintenance is not an option, but most traditional screens demand regular upkeep. Our projector screen paints and wallpapers are easy to clean with a damp cloth. They also do not yellow or deteriorate in quality over time, delivering years of uninterrupted service for no upkeep.


Projector screen alternatives cater to various spending preferences and they are typically less expensive compared to screens of similar quality. There’s always a projector screen alternative that fits right into the budget and requirements. Even the high-tech Interactive Projector Screen Paint which supports direct touch inputs, costs just around $318 for a 4.5m2 screen, which is considerably less than a good-quality digital option. All our premium projector screen paints come with a reasonable price tag. They offer high-quality picture and long-term service for no to minimal upkeep.

Best alternatives for projector screens by Smarter Surfaces

At Smarter Surfaces, we believe in empowering users to create immersive projector experiences without breaking the bank. Our innovative line of projector screen paints and projection wallpapers offer a perfect blend of functionality and style.

Our projection range covers — White Projection Paints, Grey/Black Projection Paints, Special Use Projection Paints, and Projection Wallpapers to efficiently cater to the diverse design and setup specifics.

To empower users in creating the ideal projection experience, a detailed description of our projection solutions follows. This will help them choose the right projector screen substitute for their needs.

Office presentation on projector screen painted surface

White projection paints

Our white projector screen paints are available in three different variants.

  • The White Projector Screen Paint Pro is a popular choice for general-purpose projection needs in meeting rooms, offices, and classrooms.
  • It creates clear, bright, and sharp images in low to high ambient light conditions with both short-throw and long-throw projectors from all top brands like Sony, Epson, and Optoma.

Grey/Black projection paints

This collection is designed for the best output in home theatres and gaming setups. With four different variants, each designed with features to match specific environments, they create an immersive cinematic experience.

  • For making a DIY projection screen for home theatres, Smart Ultra High Contrast Projector Screen Paint is the best choice. It has an easy-to-apply, four-layer- system and will be ready to use in just 24 hours.
  • This high-contrast screen paint absorbs ambient light and creates deeper blacks for colour-enhanced, brighter image recreation.

Special use projection paints

Dreaming of transforming a unique space into a dynamic projection zone? Perhaps a stylish café patio for outdoor gaming or a trendy discotheque with a captivating projection display? Our special-use projection paints can turn those dreams into reality.

  • Outdoor Projector Screen Paint with a certified gain value of 0.9 at 140 degrees creates a UV, crack, and weather-resistant outdoor projector screen for vivid images, irrespective of the outdoor light conditions.
  • The Floor Projector Screen Paint is a one-of-a-kind product that transforms any floor into a high-performance projection screen. This hard-wearing paint is ideal for uplifting the ambience of any event space.

Projection wallpapers

Our projection wallpapers are multifunctional and they are one of the best alternatives for projector screens. They turn any smooth surface — plaster, wood, or glass — into a multifunctional projector screen in just 48 hours.

These substitutes for projector screens can take your projector setup to the next level without much hassle. Browse our product pages to know more.

Check out this video of our real time projection solution in action:

Now that we’ve discussed the projector screen alternatives, let’s address a common dilemma. While a normal wall might seem like a quick and easy fix, is it any good for optimal viewing experiences? Here’s the answer.

Is a projector screen better than a wall?

While a traditional projector screen typically delivers better image quality and viewing experience compared to a plain wall, advancements in projector technology have introduced exciting projector screen alternatives.

High-quality projector paints and wallpapers can transform any wall into a surprisingly effective projection surface. These options rival traditional screens in performance, offering excellent contrast and clarity.

Compared to digital screens of similar size and quality, walls designed with premium projector paints and wallpapers are a budget-friendly choice. Installation is typically a DIY affair, making them user-friendly. Plus, they require minimal upkeep – a simple wipe-down keeps them clean.

An additional perk is the customisation flexibility projector paint and wallpaper offer. Users can choose a screen size and shape that perfectly suits their space and even explore colour options to match their décor. They also save floor space and eliminate storage hassle when not in use.

So, when looking for the best projector screen substitutes, there’s nothing better than our products. Check out the collection and pick the perfect match. Not sure which product is the best for a specific setup? Get in touch with our experts today.