From Bland to Grand: Design Award-Winning Interiors with Smart Whiteboard Walls

Redefining skylines, and reinventing business spaces with new-age design elements has always been Lion City’s legacy. But, Singapore’s design and architectural scene isn’t just about breathtaking aesthetics. It prioritises ease of use and efficiency.

Thanks to its amazing features, many Singapore-based renowned architects and designers have embraced our innovative whiteboard walls and other collaborative surface solutions to create award-winning interiors.

Be with us as we explore how Smarter Surfaces is helping top architects and designers create the finest collaborative spaces.

whiteboard walls for architect and designers office

Whiteboard walls and collaborative surfaces for new-age interiors

Let’s start with a quick look at how some of Singapore’s top interior design firms are using our products.

ID Craft Magnificent, a leader in the niche, has been using our collaborative surface solutions to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences.

When it comes to award-winning modern workplace designs and office renovations, Conexus Singapore, is a prominent name. Conexus uses our surface solutions for crafting smart workspaces.

Dulux, the pioneer in paint solutions, has also collaborated with us to bring projector walls and more innovative surface solutions to the Singaporean interior design scene.

Wondering how our surface solutions can enhance your award-winning design projects? Read on.

Integrating our whiteboard, magnetic, and projection surface solutions in your designs is a simple way to add value to any living or workspace. These multi-functional solutions can easily grab interest and make your designs more than just aesthetic. Here’s how our products can help.

Whiteboard surfaces

The purpose of our whiteboard products is simple. They turn any smooth surface into a no-ghosting, writable whiteboard that needs no upkeep. Integrating a premium whiteboard wall in an office or living space design can foster better communication and collaboration.

  • Our whiteboard paint is available in white and clear variants. The white one covers the base colour and creates a classic white whiteboard look. While the clear variant doesn’t meddle with the base tint. Letting you have the whiteboard wall in any colour you want.
  • When you’re working on a school or hospital design, adding elements that ensure maximum hygiene is a smart choice. The Antimicrobial whiteboard paint brings broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties to the whiteboard wall, making it a perfect choice for schools and healthcare projects.
  • If a dual-functional projector wall is on your mind, Matt whiteboard paint is what you need. It turns any wall, concrete, wood, or glass into an effective whiteboard that doubles as a projector screen. Ideal for designing modern meeting rooms and home offices.
  • Want to add some unique collaborative elements to your latest office design in no time? Check our single and multifunctional whiteboard wallpapers. They let you turn any surface into a whiteboard wall within 24 – 48 hours. The self-adhesive whiteboard films take it even further. They transform any furniture surface into a writable whiteboard, instantly.

Magnetic surfaces

For agile workspaces, our magnetic surface solutions are a prime choice. If you’re planning an office interior that inspires creativity, collaboration, and fun, our magnetic range can seamlessly fit the bill.

The solutions are available as magnetic paints and plasters, magnetic whiteboard paints, and magnetic whiteboard wallpapers — giving you a wide range of options and maximum flexibility.

  • Creating a custom magnetic whiteboard has never been this easy. Use our Smart magnetic plaster to bring your imagination to life. This high-performance solution with 75% magnetite, holds more than 8, A4 papers with a single neo magnet. The best thing, you can overcoat it with paint, or wallpaper without losing the magnetic ability.
  • Magnetic whiteboard paints let you write on the surface and stick images and notes right on it. Making brainstorming and ideation a breeze. It is available in two variants — white and clear. The clear product lets you create a magnetic whiteboard for the wall in any colour you prefer.
  • Wondering if you can add an interactive whiteboard solution that will deliver maximum functionalities? Look no further than our Magnetic projector screen whiteboard wallpaper. This 3-in-1 product turns any smooth surface into a magnetic whiteboard that also works as a projection screen with bright and sharp performance. Magnetic whiteboard wallpaper has similar features sans the projection screen capabilities.

Projection surfaces

You can go beyond simple whiteboard walls and design some impressive, out-of-the-box interiors with our smart projection surfaces.

  • Use the Short-throw projector screen paint in meeting rooms. It will create a clear and immersive experience, breathing new life into the boring presentations. The Interactive projector screen paint is ideal for designing premium office spaces. It creates an interactive projection surface that receives direct touch inputs.
  • For designing luxurious home theatres, choose paint from our grey/black projection paint collection. There’s a variety to suit any ambient light conditions or setup restraints, ensuring, hotspot-free, vivid, and clear pictures, always.
  • Want to create a large projector wall outdoors for gaming or brand promotion? Try Outdoor projector screen paint. This weather, UV, and crack-resistant paint recreate sharp, high-definition images irrespective of the outdoor light conditions.

Our range of surface solutions for architects and interior designers is expansive and is available in customisable options to match unique project needs. To know more about how we have been helping architects and designers just like you, we have a dedicated support team for architects and designers’ programme.

Why work with Smarter Surfaces collaborative surface solutions?

Our solutions are simple, efficient, and budget-friendly. Businesses from across the globe have been praising our products for their quality. Listen to the video to find out how businesses are benefiting from our whiteboard walls and other surface solutions.

The benefits:

  • Transforms any surface: Our solutions can turn any existing smooth surface – plaster, wallboards, doors, glass, metal — into functional collaborative spaces. Giving designers maximum creative freedom.
  • No size limitations: All our solutions eliminate size restrictions meaning your magnetic whiteboard wall or HD projector screen can be as big or small as you need, perfectly tailored to your space. You can even get creative and try unique shapes.
  • Saves space: No more sacrificing valuable floor space. Use our solutions directly on the wall or furniture surface to design minimalistic interiors.
  • Customisable: Our solutions, including magnetic whiteboards and projector surfaces, come in several options, giving you the freedom to customise the look and feel according to your setup.
  • Premium performance: Never again worry about fading, UV-yellowing, or cracks appearing on the painted surface. Our products boast commercial-grade performance and are ranked at the top for their long service.
  • Easy application: From paints to wallpapers and films — each of the products is easy to apply or install. The paints turn the surface into a collaborative platform in just 4 days, whereas the wallpapers become ready to use in 24 – 48 hours. The self-adhesive films turn any furniture surface writable instantly. Check out installation videos in our video gallery.
  • Low maintenance: All our products are a one-time investment. Enjoy years of service with minimal upkeep. The products resist any type of degradation over time and are backed by 10 years of guarantee.

Architects and designers can also use these solutions in their own workspaces to enjoy working in a smart, collaborative environment and impress clients with immersive presentations.

The takeaway
If you’re striving to create award-winning interiors, our whiteboard wall and other collaborative surface solutions can help you bring an edge to your designs. Many top architects and interior designers from across the globe have already adopted our innovative solutions.

Why wait? Integrate our industry-leading solutions in your designs today and experience the difference. To know more about our products book a no-obligation video consultation.