Research & Development

Smarter Surfaces has gained a reputation for our ability to design and create truly innovative products including commercial wallcoverings, self-adhesive films, paints and plasters that add functionality to surfaces. We offer customers the full range of surface solutions that are not available elsewhere.

Our products fall into 4 major functional categories:

Whiteboard, Magnetic, Projection and Combined functions.

Some of our products can also be combined together to create multifunctional surfaces.

What differentiates Smarter Surfaces from our competitors is our ability to conceptualise, research, design and develop our wide range of functional paints, wallpapers, films and plaster. We are heavily invested in the research and development stage of our product creation process. Our products undergo rigorous testing in order to get to their highest standard before being released.

The Smarter Surfaces product team work from Ireland’s leading surface coatings laboratory. With cutting edge lab equipment and access to a team with over sixty years of commercial surface coating research and development operating to ISO 9001 Quality Management for consistent and reliable project delivery.

Since the development of our first product, Smart Whiteboard Paint White, research and development has been an important aspect of our product production process. We understand our customers expect the highest quality from out products so we see the importance of carrying out research to help expand and maintain the standard we have set.

For us, the research and development process does not end after a product has been released, instead our products go through continuous testing enabling us to improve them when necessary. Smarter Surfaces products are thoroughly tested and are certified in areas such as Fire, VOC, LEED and M1.

We are at the cutting edge of surface technology which is evident in what we sell and in the team of skilled professionals who help us to create the most up-to-date and widest range of products possible.

Research, Development and Innovation

Before we begin creating our products we first determine what the market´s needs are. Identifying what is important to our customers is one of the most important steps in the process.

We conduct research into the trends that have emerged from commercial orientated areas through extensive market driven research. We then work towards filling the gaps which become apparent. We also speak to our distributors to see where they’ve spotted a gap in their market.This process provides us with all the information we need to make informed decisions regarding which products to invest our time creating.

Smarter Surfaces, as a company, is extremely interested in the environment and being environmentally friendly. So in our product innovation and creation processes we keep this at the forefront of our minds. We take into consideration local environments, aiming to fill the needs of users in terms of their local markets. We make sure our products are suitable and safe to use in all environments that they will be applied in.

Research Partnerships

Smarter Surfaces has a research partnership with Dublin Institution of Technology’s CREST, the Centre for Research in Engineering Surface Technology.Our R&D activities are now based at CREST.

CREST provides coating innovation solutions for industry in the engineering, construction, healthcare and biomedical industries.

It is the only dedicated surface coatings laboratory in Ireland, with 19 full time researchers and state of the art facilities, Smarter Surfaces is delighted to leverage the know-how and equipment within CREST.

Rate of Introduction of New Products

Since inception, we have introduced at least one new product every single year.

Our ability to commercialise, as well as research and develop, is well established.

To learn more about our research activities, or to explore any research partnerships, please contact