Magnetic Whiteboard Walls: A Modern Companion for Office & Education

The old whiteboard is outdated. It’s now a silent testament to yesterday’s meetings and messy classrooms. As we thrive on innovation, our workplaces and schools need tools to match the current trendsetters and solutions. Magnetic whiteboard walls offer a clean solution.

It’s a sleek, modern alternative that transforms any space into a dynamic platform for brainstorming, planning, and visual learning.

This blog delves into the world of magnetic whiteboard walls, exploring the benefits of both paint and wallpaper options. We will also discuss how they can empower your team or classroom to achieve new heights.

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What is a magnetic whiteboard wall?

A magnetic whiteboard wall is exactly what it sounds like – a wall surface that functions like a whiteboard and also holds magnets, attaches notes, papers and other times to the board’s surface.

It provides a vast, smooth writing surface that can be used with dry-erase markers, just like a whiteboard.

But the magic lies in the hidden layer under the surface. This layer, typically made of magnetic material, allows you to attach notes, photos, documents, and other visual aids using magnets.

If you have been wondering are magnetic whiteboards better, let us tell you that the modern whiteboard walls certainly get the job done but magnetic whiteboards elevate the game. Magnets add versatility for notes, images, and visuals, saving space and boosting collaboration.

To decide on a magnetic whiteboard or a non-magnetic board, first consider your needs. Magnetic whiteboards offer a dynamic workspace and you can hold papers with magnets, magnetic dusters, and other writable accessories. Should your requirement be a cost-effective writing solution needing a basic writing surface, a non-magnetic whiteboard could be the way to go. We have multiple product options matching your whiteboard wall needs.

Our magnetic whiteboard solutions let you turn any smooth surface — walls, furniture, glass partitions, and even concrete into a functional magnetic whiteboard. And, our whiteboard paint is one of the best products in its class.

The magnetic paint has high magnetite content which ensures that you can stick multiple sheets, notes, and images on the whiteboard with a single neo magnet. This creates a dynamic and interactive space, perfect for brainstorming, meetings, presentations, or educational activities in classrooms.

Next, we will explore how these innovative surface solutions can enhance offices as well as educational settings.

Operating the Magnetic Whiteboard Walls in a office setting

In today’s dynamic workplaces, creativity and collaboration are vital. Business owners are transforming their office spaces to prioritise employee collaboration, and technology integration for a dynamic workspace. Magnetic whiteboard walls rise to the challenge. Here’s how:

  • Boosts brainstorming: Large magnetic whiteboards for walls offer a limitless canvas for capturing ideas during brainstorming. Sketch out mind maps, jot down suggestions, and visually connect thoughts. Use magnets to pin up additional research or competitor analysis.
  • Enhances project management: Turn a wall into a central platform for project timelines, roadmaps and task delegation. Use colour-coded magnets and track progress with ease. The no-ghosting, writable magnetic surface allows for easy updates and ensures everyone stays on the same page.
  • Promotes creativity and problem solving: Sketch out prototypes, explore design solutions, or use magnets to arrange photos or research snippets. The visual nature of the magnetic whiteboard for office encourages out-of-the-box thinking, helps to identify bottlenecks, and promotes quick problem-solving.
  • Increases engagement: Use magnetic whiteboard walls to create a more engaging and interactive workspace. Dedicate a section for team celebrations, employee birthdays, or even a fun “idea of the week” game. This will help in building a sense of community and ownership. Keeping employees motivated and engaged.

Check out this video on how our customers are using magnetic whiteboard walls in their office to increase productivity among their team.

Use of magnetic whiteboard walls in educational environment

Magnetic whiteboard walls transform classrooms from static spaces to dynamic platforms of engagement. Let’s find out the few of the many advantages of magnetic whiteboards and how these innovative walls can elevate teaching and empower students to learn and collaborate.

  • Interactive learning: Transform boring lectures into engaging experiences. Use colourful dry-erase markers to highlight key points, create diagrams, or solve problems without worrying about limited space. Add notes and images with magnets to display research findings, artwork, and projects.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Large magnetic whiteboards for classrooms are ideal for teamwork. Students can brainstorm ideas, sketch solutions, and visually organise their work using markers and magnets. This collaborative approach encourages communication, supports critical thinking, and learning from peers.
  • Differentiated instruction: Magnetic whiteboard walls cater to diverse learning styles. Visual learners benefit from diagrams, charts, and mind maps displayed on the wall. Kinesthetic learners can engage by moving magnets around and physically organising information. This versatile tool allows teachers to tailor their lessons to cater to individual needs.
  • Learning gamification: Inject a dose of fun into learning. Use magnetic whiteboard walls for educational games and activities. Create a giant word search using magnets, or display a timeline of historical events students can arrange. This gamified approach boosts engagement and helps students retain information more effectively.

To design a magnetic whiteboard wall in an office or classroom, one can utilise between the two available options of — magnetic whiteboard wall paint and magnetic whiteboard wallpaper. Both offer their unique benefits. At Smarter Surfaces, both the options of paints and wallpapers are offered as per office and educational requirements.

Magnetic whiteboard walls with Smarter Surfaces

Magnetic whiteboard paint

Magnetic whiteboard wall paint transforms any smooth surface (walls, wood, glass, etc.) into a high-end dry erase board with magnetic capabilities.

The whiteboard is non-ghosting, meaning once erased, no marker stain or ink is left on the surface. This makes use and cleaning simple. On the magnetic front, the paint has 60% magnetite content that allows sticking up to 4, A4 sheets with a single neo magnet.

DIY and environment-friendly, commercial grade performance, and a 10-year-long guarantee are some of the other highlights of this magnetic whiteboard wall paint.

It’s available in both white and clear variants. The clear variant is transparent and allows crafting a magnetic writing board in any preferred colour.

Apply it on any well-primed, smooth surface following the right process and let it curate. Your magnetic whiteboard for the office or classroom will be ready to use as you follow the necessary application steps.

Magnetic whiteboard paint clear writable magnetic surfaces

Magnetic whiteboard wallpaper

Our high-performance magnetic whiteboard wallpaper is a popular choice in offices and schools looking for a quick upgrade from the traditional whiteboard setting. The application process is simple and you can start using it in just 48 hours.

It creates a no-ghosting, writable surface capable of holding up to 4, A4 sheets with a single neo magnet. It’s available in custom sizes and can be installed even on curved walls.

You can use normal whiteboard markers and accessories to write on it. Once ready to use, the post-maintenance is simple and hassle- free.

The magnetic whiteboard wallcovering comes in a kit that contains the wallpaper along with all the necessary application accessories and detailed installation guidelines. Ensure the installation guidelines are followed correctly to gain best results.

Apart from magnetic whiteboard products, we also manufacture and market a range of other magnetic surface solutions. Our magnetic paint, super magnetic paint, and magnetic plaster are some other popular choices for creating customised magnetic surfaces in schools and offices.

Unlocking potential: what our customers are saying

Our magnetic whiteboard wall products have been amassing quite the popularity since their launch. Here’s a few snippets of what our customers are saying:

The maintenance chief of Digiprocess, a prominent electronic manufacturing service, stated — “The engineering team loves Smarter Surfaces magnetic whiteboard walls. They’re perfect for brainstorming and explaining project plans visually. It’s a practical and unique addition to our space, and everyone is impressed by the functionality.”

Mr. Debhra R., the Head Teacher from the Rockbridge Academy observed — “Magnetic whiteboard walls are a game-changer for us. I believe they’ll revolutionise student learning and engagement.”

You can read more reviews from customers just like you on our product pages.

Come, innovate with Smarter Surfaces

Magnetic whiteboard walls from Smarter Surfaces are more than just a writing surface with magnetic functionalities – they’re a tech-drive surface solution offering an uplifting platform for innovation to your office space or classroom. Boost collaboration, creativity, and transform your space with Smarter Surfaces Smart collaborative surface solutions.

Get our product today and see how our wall solutions can elevate your business or classroom – the future of ideas starts here. For any assistance, get in touch with us.