Custom Chalkboard Delight for Kids in Playrooms and Classrooms

Kids these days need more than textbooks and worksheets. They need a place to get messy, let their minds run wild. Custom chalkboards, that’s the ticket. Not just nostalgia, this is about sparking imagination, turning classrooms and playrooms into grounds for creativity.

Not sure if the store-bought chalkboards are good enough? Now you can opt for a more advanced, customisable solution — the chalkboard paint. It allows you to create a completely customised chalkboard in schools or homes through simple DIY steps.

In this blog, we will discuss what chalkboard paint is and how you can create a custom chalkboard with it.

Custom Chalkboard ideas for kids

What is custom chalkboard paint?

Chalkboard paint is a unique surface solution by Smarter Surfaces that lets you create a customised chalkboard anywhere you want.

Just two coats of our paint create a durable, scratch-resistant chalkboard. It can go over walls, desks, or even glass partitions, turning it into a functional chalkboard in just 24 hours.

You can use it with dry chalk, chalk crayons as well as liquid chalk. And, to wipe it clean all you need is a dry or damp cloth. However, some stubborn chalk stains may require an additional step to clean a chalkboard beyond just using a cloth.

To prepare a wall for chalkboard paint, first ensure that the surface is smooth. In case it’s not treated or is bare, use a water-based primer to prepare it. You may use Smart White Primer, as it works best with our chalkboard paint.

Apply the primer on a smooth, non-porous surface. Let it dry completely and then only apply the chalkboard paint. The first coat of the chalkboard paint should be totally dry before applying the second layer.
You can create a custom chalkboard according to your space and requirements. Here are some ideas on how to use them.

Chalkboard ideas for your child’s playroom

Your child’s playtime can get messy but is vital to nurture creativity and imagination. What if there is a way to let your child get creative without worrying about the mess? A large wall chalkboard in your child’s playroom can do just that. Here are some ideas, from the classic to the truly unique:

  • Create a gallery: Transform a section of the wall into a dedicated art space with chalkboard paint. Let your child unleash their inner artist with simple outlines of picture frames. They can then fill them with drawings and portraits of their choice. Just wipe off once your kids are done. No hassle of storing all their artworks or wasting paper.
  • Interactive storytelling: Story times now can take a playful turn with a custom chalkboard. Draw scenes from your child’s favourite stories and ask them to add their imaginations. See how it comes to life and sparks your child’s imagination.
  • Creative game time: Planning a pretend grocery store or tea party in the playroom? Add a touch of realism with a shopping list or even dishes to be served on the chalkboard surface. Let your child write down their desired groceries or pretend snacks. This can help in practising writing and letter recognition in a fun way.
  • Interactive alphabet learning: Learning the alphabet doesn’t have to be by rote. Draw large, colourful letters on the chalkboard and encourage your kid to trace them with chalk. Use a magnetic chalkboard to stick magnetic alphabet cutouts. Ask your child to form words with them. This will make word learning more engaging.
  • Create a world map: Use chalkboard paint to turn a wall into a giant world map with continents outlined. Let your child decorate it with colourful drawings of landmarks, animals, or flags from different countries. This can make your child curious about geography and different cultures.
  • The interactive calendar: Make learning about days, months, and seasons interactive with a custom calendar chalkboard. Draw a large grid with squares for each day and use colourful chalk to mark special occasions or upcoming events. Let your child update it and they will learn faster.
  • Brainstorming platform: Encourage problem-solving and critical thinking with a large wall chalkboard. Write unique questions in the centre of the chalkboard and let your kids write or draw different scenarios they can think of. This encourages creativity and can lead to fun discussions and problem-solving exercises.

Custom chalkboards can elevate kindergartens and classrooms as well. Let’s explore some ideas the kids will love.

Unique chalkboard ideas for classrooms and kindergartens

These days, nurturing creativity and interactive learning remains paramount. Custom chalkboards in classrooms and kindergartens offer a timeless and versatile tool to engage young minds and make learning fun. Here’s a peek at some exciting ideas:

  • Collaborative learning wall: Turn a large wall chalkboard into a space for group projects. Divide it into sections and assign topics for each. Students can then brainstorm, write down key points, or even create mind maps using colourful chalk. This will encourage them in teamwork and communication.
  • Daily schedule hub: Keep everyone on track with a dedicated schedule board. Section off the chalkboard and list the day’s activities, including transitions and breaks. If using magnetic chalkboard paint, you can stick important notes or pictures directly on the board to make it interactive. Get creative with fun illustrations or colour-code different subjects for better visual recognition.
  • Word of the day: Enrich vocabulary and boost curiosity with a daily word section on the chalkboard wall. Write the word in bold, colourful chalk and include a definition or even a related picture. Throughout the day, students can use the word in sentences, encouraging active learning and building vocabulary.
  • Critical thinking space: Write down a historical mystery, a scientific phenomenon, or even a fictional topic on the custom chalkboard. Students can then brainstorm clues, research potential solutions, and even write their own theories on the board. This will help in developing critical thinking and collaborative investigation skills.
  • Today’s learning board: Help solidify learning and encourage reflection with a dedicated “learnings” board made with chalkboard. After a lesson or topic, students can write down key takeaways or draw illustrations representing their understanding. This not only reinforces knowledge but also allows teachers to assess comprehension in a fun and interactive way.
  • Maths board: Make mathematics more engaging with a dedicated board. Use it to write down maths problems and quick exercises. Students can then solve the problems and complete the corresponding exercise collaboratively, adding a fun element to maths practice. Use a section of a large wall chalkboard to write short mathematical notions kids might need to remember.

Apart from kid’s rooms and schools, custom chalkboards also make a great addition to your kitchen. Restaurants, cafes, hotels to display menus for the day, and even offices can use them as an effective communication platform.

So, Playrooms and Classrooms are now your kids delight
Custom chalkboards made with high-quality chalkboard paint can enhance your kid’s learning and playing experience. Our chalkboard paint isn’t expensive but it packs the best features. It is long-lasting, safe for kids, DIY-friendly, and comes with a 5-year guarantee.

So, if buying a custom chalkboard is on your mind, try our chalkboard paint. We ensure complete customer satisfaction. We also have a dedicated education program to help educators with excellent writing solutions as per their need. For any assistance, get in touch with our team of experts.