Case Study: A Millennium Office Interior

A millennium office interior uses dry erase paint by Smarter Surfaces

At Smarter Surfaces we believe that the design of your office can really impact the way you work.

But why just take our word for it? Look at our customers and see for yourself.

This is Millennium, an IT company in Bratislava who deliver and administer portal and CRM solutions. Prepare to be blown away. Transform as many walls as you can into dry erase surfaces, add one very talented artist, check out the results.

With over 200 happy clients, Millennium have been in business for 17 years. Some of their well known customers include Heineken, the Slovak Agriculture University in Nitra, and some government departments including .The Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Economy of Slovak Republic.

Millenium uses Smarter Surfaces products

Design Considerations for a Large Office Space

Millennium chose our award-wining whiteboard paint, Smart Wall Paint, to cover an area of 560 square metres throughout their office building. They put a lot more thought into their office design than simply painting walls. Their interior, although very elegant, was just lacking something to make it special and stand out.

There were some other considerations. How do you facilitate intimacy when designing the interior of very large office spaces ? How do you maximise efficiency of using each square metre ? Is there a danger in trading efficiency for intimacy ?

They came up with a solution.

They decided they would apply whiteboard paint on the walls throughout their meeting areas and public spaces. Next, they approached Juraj Hibinsky who designed the themes on the walls. Check these out for inspiration for your office.

Millenium dry erase surface with whiteboard paint white

Workspaces for Collaboration

With walls converted into productive surfaces for writing (thank-you Juraj !), the previously unloved and unused walls transformed entire spaces into high demand areas for group brainstorming and design exercises as well as traditional meetings.

The absence of doors created the right corporate and working spirit, and gave added advantages of easy communication and interaction.

Millennium’s work environment is now a perfect space for work councils, meetings and huddles. With so much open and collaborative space available, employees also have a variety of seating choices available to them.

Workspaces for Individuals

Want to work alone ? No problem. Millennium have also created ideal locations for independent work to prevent distractions and to facilite peace and quiet.

‘Telephone booths’ have desks that face away from the rest of the office to provide both privacy and a workplace background.

The kitchenette and dining area may be separate from the office, but this hasn’t stopped then from being a popular working or meeting location used throughout the day by staff.

The dining room is also used frequently for corporate events. Even the utility room can be used as a collaborative area.

Millennium are the perfect example of how easy it is to increase worker engagement just by simply changing how your office looks with one innovative product like whiteboard paint

It can really make a difference.

How can you enliven your work space ?

Millenium dry erase surface using Smarter Surfaces whiteboard paint