Writeable Walls and Tables in a Café

Smarter Surfaces writeable walls at Stacks Bistro

Calling all restaurant and café owners ? If you thought our write-on wipe-off paints and wallpapers were just for offices, think again.

Congrats to James Deery and all the team in Stacks on creating such an innovative and collaborative space through writeable walls and tables.

We LOVE what Darren Toner of Smarter Surfaces Northern Ireland has done to transform the interior of Stacks Bistro when they recently moved offices.

Writeable Tables

The tables looked like this before they were “smartified”:

Stacks Bistro tables before adding smart writable surfaces

Now they look like this:

Stacks Bistro tables after adding smart writable surfaces

Writeable Walls

The walls looked like this before they were “smartified”:

Stacks Bistro walls before adding smart writable surfaces

Now they look like this

Stacks Bistro walls after adding smart writable surfaces

Opening Night

So the all important question ? what did customers think of the new writeable wall in Stacks ? See for yourselves :

Stacks Bistro opening night

Make Your Tables and Walls Writeable in 4 Easy Steps

Just follow these steps to get a writeable surface for your tables and walls. Want to customise it with your logo too ? No problem. Read on.

1. Apply Base Paint

Apply base paint in the colour of your choice (or to match your logo).

2. Stick Your Logo on Top of the Base Paint

Print your logo on a sticker (any high street printer can do this for you). When the base colour paint is dry, remove the backing from your logo on a sticker, affix to the table in your preferred spot.

3. Apply Smart Clear Primer

This has two benefits. A coat of primer will seal the bottom surface and it will act as a base for the final whiteboard paint that goes on top. Do not skip this step as it is very important for erasibility.

4. Apply Smart Wall Paint Clear

Mix this two part paint. Follow the instructions carefully.

Allow sufficient time for your whiteboard paint to not only dry, but to cure. Then you are ready to go !

Pop along to the new Stacks which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.