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Unusual Whiteboard Surfaces With Clear Whiteboard Paint

writing on the wall using Smarter Surfaces Whiteboard Paint clear
Want to add whiteboard functionality to your surfaces but worried it won’t blend into your existing interior design?

Well, worry not.

Today we’re talking all about the product that can effortlessly blend whiteboard surfaces into any environment: Smart Whiteboard Paint in Clear.

Keep reading below to find out what kind of custom whiteboard surfaces you could create today.

Whiteboard Surfaces In Any Colour

Just because you’re creating your own whiteboard surface, doesn’t mean it has to be white.

With clear whiteboard paint you can topcoat any coloured surface, other than white, to create a truly customisable whiteboard surface.

This means you can keep your walls as they already are, allowing your whiteboard surfaces to blend effortlessly into your environment.

Digital agency Big Pixel Creative decided to keep the colour of their walls and use Smart Whiteboard Paint in Clear to create their unique dark grey whiteboard walls.

Now they can use luminous whiteboard markers on their dark whiteboard walls for a truly original whiteboard surface.

Meeting using Smarter Surfaces functional surfaces

Digital Print Whiteboard Surfaces

You don’t have to just topcoat coloured walls with clear whiteboard paint. Why not combine your favourite digital print with Smart Whiteboard Paint in Clear for truly personalized whiteboard surfaces?

You don’t have to stop there.

By choosing Smart Magnetic Digital Print Base you can have a surface that looks great, is magnetic and can be top coated with Smart Whiteboard Paint in Clear.

Check out construction materials company Breedon. While undergoing a company take over they decided to launch a “Just Ask” campaign.

To do this they printed the new company logo onto Smart Magnetic Digital Print Base and combined it with Smart Whiteboard Paint in Clear.

breedon |

Employees were then encouraged to write or stick up any questions or concerns they had during the take over process.

This encouraged clear and open communication during a period of change.

Find out more about Smart Whiteboard Paint in Clear here.

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