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Magnetic Paint

Welcome to the FAQs for Smarter Surfaces’ Magnetic Paint. Below we have outlined the answers to the most commonly asked questions. Remember that you can combine our Magnetic Paint together with our Whiteboard Paint to get a writable magnetic surface. Check out the Combine With section below to learn more.

Combine With

How can I make a magnetic whiteboard wall?

You can layer our products to add more functionality to your surface. To discover all the products you can combine with our Magnetic Paint to add more functionality to your magnetic wall, click here.


When should personal protective equipment be used?

Gloves should be used when applying all Smarter Surfaces products. In addition, safety glasses should be worn. As with any painting process, ensure the room is ventilated.
Full health & safety guidelines are printed on the label of every Smarter Surfaces product. Please read these before application.

Does magnetic paint affect WIFI signals?

No, WIFI works as normal when surrounded by our magnetic paints and plaster.

Does magnetic paint affect pacemakers?

No, pacemakers will work as normal when surrounded by our magnetic paints and plaster.

Can I apply magnetic paint around heaters?

Yes, our paint works as usual when situated near heaters.

Kit Contents

Smart Magnetic Paint 3m² kit includes: Smart Magnetic Paint (950ml to cover 3m² with 3 coats), 2 Smart Neo Magnets, Application Guide.

Smart Magnetic Paint 10m² kit includes: Smart Magnetic Paint (2.5l to cover 10m² with 3 coats), 2 Smart Neo Magnets, Application Guide.

Product Range

Is there clear magnetic paint available?

Our magnetic products include Smart Magnetic Paint (55% magnetite) and Super Magnetic Paint (60% magnetite) Due to the magnetic particles, magnetic paint is mid-grey in colour. However you can achieve the colour of your choice by painting over the magnetic coating with normal paint. We recommend applying a white water based primer (such as Smart White Primer) before applying your desired colour.

Alternately install a wallpaper or digital print in the pattern or design of your choice, on top of magnetic paint. We recommend you choose a thin product to go on top, as a thicker / deeper topcoat might affect magnetic performance.

Are there different sizes available?

Smart Magnetic Paint is available in a 3 sq. metre tin and in a 10 sq. metre tin.


What type of magnets can be used with Smart Magnetic Paint?

Neodymium or rare earth magnets should be used. Check out our Smart Neo Magnets here.
Note: ordinary household magnets are not suitable.

How To Use Magnetic Paint

Magnetic surfaces are typically used for planning, scheduling, posting, brainstorming, magnetic notice boards, magnetic walls plus lots more.
For best results, we recommend using neodymium magnets or strong rare earth magnets with your smart magnetic surface.

Click here to see how much you can hang up with Magnetic Paint.

Interested in a combined surface with both magnetic and whiteboard functionality? Check out our double and triple functionality products here.

Suitable Surfaces

Can you paint furniture with Smart Magnetic Paint?

Smart Magnetic Paint can be applied to almost any smooth surface. For best results, sand and fill areas as required.

How to thin out thick magnetic paint

In most cases your magnetic paint should not need to be thinned. From time to time, during transportation, the magnetic paint can settle. If you need to thin the paint to help during application, add 10% water to the tin and stir in thoroughly.

Priming & Sealing

Should you prime walls before applying Smart Magnetic Paint?

Only very absorbent surfaces should be treated with a primer before application.

Why should you apply primer after applying Smart Magnetic Paint?

Primers help give a surface a smooth finish. Primers are also used to conceal the grey colour (due to the magnetic particles) of our magnetic paint.