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Smart Clear Primer

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Smart Clear Primer is specially formulated, fast drying transparent primer ideal for sealing porous and new surfaces in preparation for our transparent whiteboard paint. Smart Clear Primer, a transparent coating, seals the surface before application.

It is low odour and suitable for plaster, drywall, wood, wallpaper and other dry or absorbent surfaces.

Measure your surface area. Choose the total product quantity to cover this area.

  • 10 year product guarantee
  • Commercial grade performance
  • Fast Drying
  • Environmental: Complies with Singapore’s National Environment Agency (NEA) Standards
  • Low VOC, Solvent free & Isocyanates free
  • Coverage / Volume / Weight:
    6m² / 750ml / 1.07kg
  • Product Colour: Clear
  • Product Finish: Low sheen
  • Odour: Very low
  • VOC: Less than 28g/l
  • Suitable Surfaces: plaster, wood, metal glass, plastic, composites, tiles and ceramics.

Application – Apply to absorbent surfaces, before Smart Whiteboard Paint Clear, ensure the material is clean and free from marks or dirt, apply the first coat and sand smooth, apply the second coat and sand smooth and repeat if necessary, for example new wood may require more coats and sanding to ensure smooth enough for the clear whiteboard paint

Unsure about application process, send us a photo of your material or get in touch and we can offer advice and recommendations. We are here to help and advise you through the steps.