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What to do with Chalkboard Paint?

Once applied to your wall, you should condition your blackboard surface by rubbing a piece of chalk all over the surfaces and wiping off with a dry cloth or duster.

Can you use chalk markers on chalkboard paint?

Your blackboard surface can be used like a normal blackboard. You can use standard chalk and chalkboard markers to write on your surface. Chalkboard markers are wet-erase and can be cleaned off by using a damp cloth.

How to clean a chalkboard paint wall?

You can use standard blackboard dusters to clean your surface on a regular basis. Like all blackboards, regular use will cause a build up of chalk dust on your wall. To remove excess dust, you can clean your Blackboard Surface with a damp cloth. Please note, you should wait one week after applying your Blackboard Paint before using a damp cloth on the surface.