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Priming & Sealing

Why should I apply primer before applying Smart Whiteboard Paint?

A primer helps give a surface a smooth finish. Secondly, they act to ‘seal’ a surface. This means that when you apply Smart Whiteboard Paint on a surface that has been primed, the properties within our whiteboard paint will stay on the wall rather than being absorbed into the wall. In summary, using a primer or sealer means you will get a smoother surface with optimum write-on-wipe-off functionality.

What type of heater can be used to speed up the primer’s drying process? Can an infrared lamp be used?

A normal fan heater can be used to speed up the drying process. An infrared lamp can also be used but it can’t be placed too close to the surface.

Magnetic Base

Can I use Magnetic Paint as a base product?

Yes, we recommend using our Super Magnetic Paint or our Magnetic Plaster (not available in all markets). For a rapidly installed magnetic and writable surface, choose our Magnetic Whiteboard Wallpaper instead. Learn more here.