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Home Theatre and Gaming

Make a projection surface of any size with our range of projector screen paints. Optimise the walls around you to be always ready for projection yet blend into the background when not in use. All of our projection paints are designed for specific uses to enable you to find the best projector screen alternative for your space. Use for presentations, home cinemas, gaming and meetings. 

Our range of normal lighting projection products consists of Smart Projector Paint and Smart Projector Paint Pro. These products are designed to be used in regular lighted rooms such as for office presentations. For low ambient lighting check out our Smart Project Paint Contrast which can be used to create your home theatre screen or home gaming wall.


Normal Level Ambient Lighting 

Smart Projector Paint and Smart Projection Paint Pro allow you to create a projectable surface with no size limitations that performs just like a regular projector screen. One of the many benefits of the projection paints is that there is no need for bulky projector screens. You can create your own projector screen that is both aesthetically pleasing as it blends into walls and is ready to be used at all times. Transform and modernise your home walls in one quick and easy application. Projection paint is a high-quality alternative to traditional projector screens. This professional projection product reflects a large amount of light, 7.8mW, and works best in normal level ambient lighting.


Coverage: 6m²
Content: 750ml
Gain value of 1.0 at a viewing angle of 140
Price: $ 160

Coverage: 6m²
Content: Both tins are 750ml
Gain value of 1.1 at a viewing angle of 140
Price: $225

Home Cinema and Gaming

Create a projection surface that has optimal contrast performance with Smart Projector Paint Contrast. This product was specifically designed to optimise the gaming and projected home theatre experience. It absorbs certain light, which enables the user to achieve a stronger definition on darker images. Smart Projector Paint Contrast comes in a dark grey finish and is made up of a two tin system, a base coat and a topcoat. Both parts are essential for creating the ultimate contrast projection surface. Our home theatre screen paint has a gain value of 0.1 and a viewing angle of 120 degrees. This projection product absorbs light, reflecting only 1mW. Due to the colour of the paint, it would be recommended to choose dark rooms such as home theatres or gaming rooms.


Coverage: 6m²
Content: 750ml
Gain value of 0.1 at a viewing angle of 120
Price: $241